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October 2015 LDS General Conference – Invitations from the Prophet

General Conference October 3-4, 2015 Post Conference
What did the Prophet say at Conference?

Keep the Commandments
During the October 2015 general priesthood session, President Thomas S. Monson invited priesthood holders to keep the commandments, and reminded them of ways to live “so that we remain worthy to possess [the] priesthood.”

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Physical vs Electronic Scriptures. Which is better? | LDS Daily

by Brandon Young

The words of ancient prophets have been written on metal plates, papyrus, clay tablets, parchment, stone, and paper since the beginning of time. The Lord has commanded His servants to record histories so they can be passed down from generation to generation. Recently, there has been a major transformation in how these histories are recorded and passed down. The age of painstakingly hammering reformed Egyptian characters into plates of brass is long gone.

Source: Physical vs Electronic Scriptures. Which is better? | LDS Daily

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LDS Book of Mormon Promises – APP

Jacob Burdis has released the LDS Book of Mormon Promises mobile app that shows the promises made to us in the Book of Mormon. The promises are searchable by what we promise to do and by what God promises us.

This free app is a great tool for personal study, talk and lesson preparation, or finding verses to share with friends.

The app is available for Android and for Apple iOS.


Apple iOS                                                                                                                       


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