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Now, Evan Mullins has created an interactive Mormon App Directory, a free listing of all the Mormon apps he has been able to find.The directory lets you filter by price, market (Amazon Apps store, Google Play, or iTunes Store), price, and even developer.

This interactive directory contains the biggest and best mormon related mobile apps. Filter by market and/or price or even by developer. Is your favorite LDS app missing? Submit any missing apps and let’s create a living directory. For starters check out all the official apps by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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Honor Your Ancestors by Visiting Their Graves—in Person or Online

One of the best ways to honor your ancestors is to visit their graves. Standing amid the headstones, you can often get a sense for the area in which they lived and the legacy they have left for you. A new page on makes it much easier for you to discover and celebrate the stories of your ancestors’ lives as you visit the cemeteries where they were laid to rest.

How It Works

Visit the special FamilySearch memorial page, and sign in using your FamilySearch account. (If you don’t have one, you can easily create one.) An automated search will compare your family tree with the BillionGraves database, locate photos of your ancestors’ headstones, and plot their locations on a map. Clicking a pin on the map will open a window containing a photo of the headstone, basic information about your ancestor, and a link to GPS coordinates from BillionGraves. You can even click a link, and see how you are related to each ancestor. (Click on link for more information.)

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Following in His Footsteps

Strengthing Faith – 4 Steps to become more like Christ

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for each of us. We are told to become like Him, “to walk, even as he walked” (1 John 2:6).

Becoming perfect like Christ is will not happen overnight. Becoming like Him is a slow and steady process that will take you an entire lifetime, and even beyond. It is a process you can start today, one step at a time.

Part of the Savior’s mission on this earth was to teach us how to live. He didn’t just invite us to do things; He showed us how to do them. Christ was baptized, prayed often to His Father in Heaven, loved His neighbors, served those in need, forgave those who wronged Him, stood up for His beliefs, and spread the gospel. These are all things we can also be doing daily. If you struggle with some of them, remember that all things are possible with God.

Jesus told His disciples, “Follow me” (Matthew 4:19). That invitation is extended to each of us. In order to follow Him and walk the path that He walked, we must take these four small but necessary steps: (Click on link to read more)

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Family Search Tree – Android

New LDS App

FamilySearch Tree

FamilySearch Tree is a mobile companion to This app makes it easy to add photos, stories, and audio recordings to ancestors in the tree. Adding or updating ancestor details like names, dates, and relationships is not currently available, but is coming soon.

  • Browse your family branches and see portraits of relatives you’ve never seen.
  • Discover facts, documents, stories, photos, and recordings about your ancestors.
  • Easily add memories and records about your relatives.
  • Preserve and share those old photos and documents that are hidden away in storage.
  • Available for iOS 7+ and Android 2.3+                                                               

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