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What’s a Pioneer?

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Come forth to Zion, or to her stakes (D&C 109:39).


Amelia had heard a lot about pioneers over the last few weeks. Her family talked about them. Her Primary teacher talked about them. And in sacrament meeting today, a speaker had talked about them. “What’s a pioneer?” Amelia wondered. She thought about pictures she had seen of pioneers. They all seemed to wear old-fashioned clothes, and from the way their houses and wagons looked, Amelia thought they must have lived in the “olden days.” Maybe Poppy could tell her what a pioneer was. He was the oldest person Amelia knew! “What’s a pioneer, Poppy?” Amelia asked.                                  


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I am a widower, single parent of 4 kids, I currently live here and Utah. I am originally from Washington State. I come from a family of seven kids. I love life,my family and my kids. I love adventure. I enjoy my kids and their activities. I love to travel and spend together as a family.I like to post information, ideas, or links that might help other people. Maybe tell a friend about my blog. And if you have information, ideas or a link to share please send a link my way. Thank you.

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