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Post April 2012 General Conference Notes

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by Nick,  Nicksposts                                                                                                       Now then General Conference is now completed till the next six months.  There is so many things to digest,( so to speak), process and to think about.  If you did not get chance to write some notes down or some highlights from the conference. Here are some notes I found.  I did a search online and found some great post General Conference Notes. Enjoy.


General Confrence PDF                                                                                          Here is a pdf you can use to recap the April 2012 General Conference highlights. (It is a general conference worksheet.)

Live General Confrence Notes                                                                             Here are some detailed notes about the Conference.                                                       To view click on link at the bottom and click on April 2012 Sessions.

General Conference–Last Session April 2012                                                   Here are some highlights and review of the General Conference. Here are some good FHE Ideas to discuss about the Conference.)                                                 We taped this flower garden up on our front door.  Each week for the next 15 weeks our family will pick a flower and study that talk in Family Home Evening. We’re all excited!

April 2012 General Conference: Kid, Youth, Adult Packets and  Activities                                                                                                                           (Here are some General Conference resources and packets. You might be able to use some for post Conference reflection. )  Here are my favorite links for General Conference. I will add more as I find them.

General Conference Review Family Home Evening                                Twice each year we are able to gather as a world-wide church and listen to the prophet of the Lord and his Holy Apostles. In each conference session we are filled with knowledge, help and inspiration to make better choices, live better lives, be kinder people and to be true followers of Christ.           

(good resource for older kids to recap Conference)
Emmalee has made these for her students in the past and this year, she’s sharing the “contest” with her family.  Love her for that!  She going to send the top three winners prizes in the mail!!  Isn’t she sweet!  BUT, we have to get our answers to her before the first session of General Conference…so this is also me being lazy, because my house is still a mess and I’ve got lots to do before Conference starts!!
Spring 2012 General Conference Recap
by Arie Van De Graaff of “Mormon Cartoonist
CLICK HERE to open this file.
Number of pages in file – 4

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