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More LDS General Conference Ideas

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Tons of Ideas for General Conference                                                              General Conference is finally here! I thought it would be fun to share some of my pins that I’ve found on PINTEREST with you. These are some adorable ideas from people that help to make conference more enjoyable for the little ones.


 General Conference Packets for my Primary kids                                            I saw a few comments that you couldn’t download the PDF. I clicked on the lin k and it opened in a print window. If you click on the print icon and then select “Print to PDF” then you can select where to save it and print it from there. Hopefully that works. Here is the crayon label. Just click on the image below to open it larger and then drag it to your desktop. or you can right click on it and choose “save target as” and then choose your desktop. Either of those should work.                              


General Conference Activities and Games                                                       Are you worried about keeping your children attentive during General Conference? Here are a bunch of activities and games to keep them busy. Some of the games include: Apostle flash cards, bingo, conference reports, word searches and more!

Cute LDS General Conference Lei Countdown                                              General Conference is just a few weeks away and I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to it :o) I think most of us adults enjoy conference, it is the kids we have to convince. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is usually pretty good. She loves the traditions we have over conference weekend, including the conference tent, special meals, and a conference basket with treats and and her conference packet.


General Conference Activity for Kids                                                              This year I thought it would be fun to print some activities to help the kids pay attention and keep busy. Problem is all the printable activities I saw were too mature for my young kids- word searches, crossword puzzles etc.  just weren”t going to cut it, so I made my own! You are welcome to use them too if you’d like!


Conference Squares
Listen carefully to general conference next month, and when a speaker talks about one of the topics below, cover that square with a marker (such as a bean, button, coin, or piece of candy). See if you can cover five squares in a row. Then see if you can cover all the squares.


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