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Preparing for General Conference

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General Conference is coming. Are you ready??
15 Mar
Next round:  Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st.  I don’t have anything new and exciting to say about getting ready for general conference because I’m just happy with my same old routines. It’s all become tradition, both physical and spiritual traditions, and I look forward to it like an oasis in a busy world.

Preparing for General Conference                                                                   My family and I find that the best way to prepare for the next general conference is by immersing ourselves in the counsel given in the previous one. When my wife has a free moment, she reads the conference issue of the Ensign. Then she strives to apply the teachings she learns. For example, she told me that Elder David A. Bednar’s talk on improving the quality of our prayers has helped her more earnestly seek charity in raising our two rambunctious sons.1

Preparing children for General Conference (+ packet links)                    It’s no surprise to anyone who has visited this blog before that I love General Conference.  I know many of you do, too.  To any readers who might not be familiar with General Conference or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, go here or here to learn more about both.  Today I wanted to share a few ideas of how we can help our children appreciate and look forward to General Conference.                                 
Displaying the apostles before conference
I have a friend who displays pictures of the First Presidency and the apostles in the few weeks before conference every year. I stole the idea from her, and I hope it will help my kids be more interested in conference when it comes around. It is already working—my two-year-old has already chosen her personal favorite “bishop,” Elder Anderson.                                            

General Conference Watches                                                                       Thursday, 08 March 2012 10:24 | Written by Colette                                                by Colette from “My Computer is my Canvas” / ga03082012                                   Colette writes, “I actually got the idea from a watch you did last year – but the thought of trimming 90 of them got the better of me – so I made a watch face you can quickly punch with a 2″ punch, then you just cut 6″ strips of cardstock for the band.  I did my strips in black cardstock, but doing them in lots of colors would be fun for the children.  I think the face would hold up best if printed on cardstock as well.  I included basic instructions on the printable.”


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