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April 2012 Conference Packets

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April 2012 General Conference Helps                                                                  I love, love, love General Conference.  It is the reason I started creating General Conference packets years ago.  I debated on not doing them this year….let’s just say I’m kinda burned out.  HOWEVER, I decided instead to update some of my older packets.  In addition to that, I’ve tried to list the many helps that you could use specifically for conference.  My hope is that you will find lots of ideas that will help your family, church group and/or yourself get more from conference.

More Conference Packet Ideas                                                                           However, I have not forgotten that we’ve got General Conference coming up right around the corner (March 31st and April 1st) and I had another fun idea I wanted to share that takes right after the Fall Conference Tree activity I did for last October’s Conference. This one is basically the same thing, except instead of a fall tree, we’re going to grow a ‘Conference Spring Garden’ with lots of beautiful springtime flowers.                       

General Conference Activity Ideas, April 2012                                                               It’s never to early to prepare for conference. . LDS General Conference is March 31-April 1 this year. Here is my updated list of possible activities and activity pages for you to check out. All links have been verified.

Senior Conference Packet                                                                                       A packet for older children to fill in while watching General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Conference Activities for Children                                                                   Here are several ideas for Conference for kids                 


Notetaking pages from the Friend – these are great!     

Get Ready for General Conference!
General Conference is coming up soon. Help your family prepare to get the most out of it by preparing them to hear the words of the prophet and apostles.

General Conference Activity Notebook for Primary Kids
Sometimes it is difficult for little children to enjoy watching the LDS General Conference twice a year on television. But if you prepare in advance and make this event an important tradition in your family, kids will look forward to it each year. I am teaching a Relief Societyclass this week in my ward about helping children enjoy general conference. The moms and grandmas are putting together an activity notebook for children ages 6 – 11, so the kids have things to do while listening to conference.

Spring General Conference                                                                                       Last year I created a note-taking template for conference. Here’s a spring version! I kept the notes section short, because perhaps it is a little less daunting for teenagers to only take a few, crucial notes. I also included four sections, because I encourage my girls to take notes for at least one talk per session. So, here it is:                                              


General Conference Part 2                                                                                      I made up some notes pages last fall for General Conference.  I want to help my kids get into the habit of taking notes and thought this was a good starting place.  Each page has a coloring book style image of the face and tie of the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  President Monson has a page all to himself, since he speaks more than the others and President Eyring and President Euchtdorf are on a page together.  The Quorum of the Twelve are all 3-to-a-page.  There are two different sets here.  One set was made just with lines to write on and the General Authority’s picture.  The other set is for younger kids that are either early writers or pre-writers.  It has a line or two on which to write and a blank box in which to draw a picture of what is being spoken of.  TWO, my first grade, loved this last time and took some really cute notes and THREE, a pre-K/pre-writer, loved the spots to draw a picture and practice pretending to write!  I hope you can have fun with these and I am working on some other possibilities for how to set these up in the future that I’ll share when/if I get them made.



April 2012 General Conference Ideas for kids and youth                                         Different website are listed for April 2012 General Conference packets.


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