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I found this searching on the internet. I know Christmas is in full swing. However if you need some last minute planning ideas. Here they are.

Free Christmas Planner Printables + more
Posted by Laura on December 7, 2011 ·

I’ve never really had a dedicated holiday planner before. I kind of had bits and pieces of information in a number of locations but this year I decided to finally put it all together. I’ve now got one binder dedicated to Christmas planning and am working on consolidating (gosh how I love that word!) everything into it. Now if I’m looking for a favorite holiday recipe to make, a craft I want to try, my gift list, my daily advent devotionals or even my holiday menu planner, I can just pull out my handy dandy binder and look it up easy peasy.


Christmas Planning eBook & Printables                                                                                                                                                                          As of today, September 15th, there are only 101 days until Christmas, and I’m excited to launch of a fun series here at Life…Your Way: 101 Days of Christmas, with DIY projects, decor, gifts, baking, traditions and more. You’ll find a new project every day to inspire you to embrace the Season with joy and creativity!To kick it off, I’ve updated the free Christmas Your Way ebook, which is packed full of tips and action steps to help you organize and simplify your holiday as well as a set of free Christmas printables so that you can create your own planner.

Free Christmas Planner!
by Kristie on November 3, 2011 · 5 comments This post may contain affiliate links which help me continue to keep this site free.  You can read my full disclosure policy here. Are you beginning to feel the pressure of the holidays quickly approaching yet?I mean it was just summer….right?It seems like every year the pressure of pulling off a spectacular holiday slowly tries to squash me.  All the little details that us moms are Responsible for this time of year threaten to take my focus off the reason we even have Christmas to begin with.But all it takes is a little planning and I can shake off that weight and enjoy my family and all the celebrations that go along with remembering the true reason for the season!


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