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Journals Pages for Kids                                                                                                                                                                                                        Encourage your child to write by printing out a selection of our journal pages and making them their own proper “journal”. Add extra pages as and when they need them. Journals are a super way to keep a record of your child’s world. They will love to look back on last year’s events and laugh over what happened and the things they thought were important. How about printing out a selection of pages, trimming them to fit a pretty file, and giving it as a present, perhaps with a special pen or pencil too?                                                                            

Friday Freebie ~ Printable                                                                                                                                                                                                  These book printables introduce a new series which is Freebie Friday!   You know I have a crazy addiction to free printables and therefore  every Friday I will be introducing you to a new designer and giving  EVERYONE free stuff.Why?  Well not only do I adore promoting women in business but I also  want to give each one of you something as a thank you for being so  flippin’ fantastic!  I swear TJ has the best readers on the planet.  I  am so grateful for your comments, sharing ideas on Facebook, forwarding your e-mails to friends and family, and all that you do to help spread the word.  So Enjoy!Freebie Friday ~ Thanks for Following! Use these seven free book printables to use immediately or save them onto your computer for later. Print Free Files Here: {click the links below to download}
Scripture Journal Pages
By Dana ♥                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Today I thought I’d give you a walk-through of our scripture journaling experience thus far.   If you scripture journal with your children, I hope you’ll share some of your experiences in the comments.  Feel  free to leave a link, if you have one to share.
Fall Journal Pages
In my school we start our day with Every Day Counts Calendar Math. A couple years ago I started to include calendar math journals in my mornings and the kids really loved them! If we have to skip them for a day they are disappointed. When I had a regular sized class, my students would bring the journals to the carpet and complete them as we reviewed the calendar. Now that I have 36 students we review the calendar and complete a class journal together. Then they go back to their seats to complete their own journal. After they have completed the journal, we count to 30 (or 31) while pointing to the numbers


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