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Ann’s Amazing Holiday Planner
by Alexandra Kennedy
How to get organized for the busiest season? My friend Ann (a.k.a. FamilyFun magazine editor Ann Hallock) gave me the answer–a customized Holiday Planner, neatly divided by topic, with pockets for stashing various memorabilia. It organizes the entire season into one three-ring binder.
It provides a place to write down all your lists in one place. It gives lots of slots, right next to those lists, to tuck in recipes torn from magazines, gift ideas from catalogs, and so on. It also acts as a record keeper from year to year (so you know who you sent cards to last year, and who you didn’t). And finally, it gives you a place to archive your family’s holiday memories. In fact, each fall when I pull out the binder, I leaf through all the old entries first, a trip through Christmases past that fills me with holiday spirit.


The Holiday Planner – How will you use it? *Free ownload                                                                                                                                                               I will use my Holiday Planner to keep myself organized this Holiday season. I have big plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving dinner will be served at our house this year. So I will be including a shopping list and menu. I will also start collecting any recipes I think I might want to use. This way I can find it all in one place and have them available when I am shopping. How will you use your planner?Here is a Free Downloadable Shopping List + Menu from Jen Allyson for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and general Holiday that you can put in your Holiday Planner.                                                                                                                                                           




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