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Toddler Management 101: Church Meetings

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It’s time once again for Heather from Family Volley to share with us some Parenting Tips. as part of her Parenting Tips Series with Heather Johnson” here on The Idea Room. Here’s Heather in her own words…–Amy

As a member of the LDS church, our family spends 3 hours each Sunday in church meetings. Regardless of your faith, or if you go to church or not, we all take our children to activities and places where they need to sit quiet and fairly still. Although these tips are directed towards church, they apply to all of us, church go’ers or not. First, let me make it clear that everyone has different expectations of their children in church, or in public settings. Personally, I expect my children to sit in church, quietly. I don’t plan on spending 3 hours chasing them in the hall. We all have different expectations. That is okay. Church (or any situation where children need to stay relatively quiet and still) is hard. It is really hard. I know. I have had plenty of Sunday’s when half way through church, I wonder why I even bothered to shower and do my hair for the day. I am sweaty, tired, feel like I have been through a wrestling match, and can’t remember what the lessons were about because I didn’t hear a single thing that was said. There are things we can do to make our Sunday’s less stressful. (Read more)                                                                     


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