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How to Create a Sinking Fund

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I recently celebrated a birthday. Our local tax assessor didn’t send me a birthday card, though. He sent me a bill for our car tag renewal. Fortunately, last year I began saving a little bit from each paycheck into a dedicated savings account for this very purpose. It was nice to move the money from savings to checking and send the tax man a check without affecting our monthly cash flow. A few years ago, I probably would have been cashing a credit card convenience check to raise the cash to pay the bill.


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I am a widower, single parent of 4 kids, I currently live here and Utah. I am originally from Washington State. I come from a family of seven kids. I love life,my family and my kids. I love adventure. I enjoy my kids and their activities. I love to travel and spend together as a family.I like to post information, ideas, or links that might help other people. Maybe tell a friend about my blog. And if you have information, ideas or a link to share please send a link my way. Thank you.

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