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Fix It Or Trash It?

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When things around the house break down, or are being held together with duct
tape and chewing gum, a decision has to be made whether to incur the costs of
fixing them or whether it is better to simply replace them. There are several
criteria that must be considered when making the decision, including the age of
the item, the cost of the repair, the likelihood that it will need to be
repaired again in the near future, and the cost of a new one. In many cases, it
makes financial sense to repair old items rather than spend money on new ones

Author: nicksposts

I am a widower, single parent of 4 kids, I currently live here and Utah. I am originally from Washington State. I come from a family of seven kids. I love life,my family and my kids. I love adventure. I enjoy my kids and their activities. I love to travel and spend together as a family.I like to post information, ideas, or links that might help other people. Maybe tell a friend about my blog. And if you have information, ideas or a link to share please send a link my way. Thank you.

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