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Pioneer Quote ~ Thoughts Over Pioneer Day Weekend

This post is overdue, but I want to express my feelings about pioneers as Utah wraps up celebrating their legacy this weekend. I have lived in Utah for most of my life, and have always heard about the pioneers who crossed the plains and founded this state. And I have always looked up to them and respected them. They gave of their way of life, their homes, and families in order to have the Freedom to live according to their beliefs, and there is something about Sacrifice like that which can soften the hardest heart.



FHE: Pioneers Lesson

Mormon Life says: Thought: With frozen feet and a barren wasteland, those early Saints surely needed faith to trust their prophet. Their very survival and lives were at stake. Yet the Lord rewarded their obedience and blessed and prospered those who followed His mouthpiece. ( Read more)


Old fashioned games

Well here we go. I am planning this birthday party that I initially intended to be easy with pizza and a jump house. But to my great delight, we decided to go another direction and we are doing this picnic party with some homemade, old fashioned yard games, picnic blankets, and a picnic dinner. And it will be GIRLY!   HOORAY for girly! So get ready!  This next month will be pretty party focused and today I am going to share two projects I have done so far.

Pioneers: Followers of Jesus Christ 
Dallin H. Oaks, apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, pays tribute to modern-day pioneers who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

Mormon Pioneers – Act of Courage – LDS Church History Video                                 President Gordon B. Hinckley tells of David P. Kimball, George W. Grant, and C. Allen Huntington who carried more than 500 Mormon pioneers across the Sweetwater River in the dead of winter.  One of the most courageous and inspiring stories in LDS Church history.

Teaching the Pioneer Trek printable/ideas
 For all of you who have kids in Seminary.  They are probably about to learn about Brigham Young, D&C 136 and the Pioneers. So here is something you could do to help them understand the Pioneers and their epic journey.

Looking for a Fun Game to Play on Pioneer Day?                                                           Well here you go…  Do you remember this game? It is the name game that will have you laughing till you cry. This  is a twist on that game.  Instead of everyone putting in names, use some pioneer words.  Just print off document in the link below, cut up the words, put them in a bowl, and follow the game instructions here. If you want to make it interesting, score the EASY words as 1 point, MEDIUM words as 2 points, and HARD words as 3 points.Here is the print out:  Pioneer Day Words Happy Pioneer Day!


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