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Roadtrip to the Sun

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Ben Crowder admits that he takes a lot of things for granted. “Take the sun, for instance. It’s 93 million miles away. Ninety-three million miles. Let’s say you hop in a car and start driving towards the sun at 60 mph (okay, we’ll make it a spacecar) — it’d take you 177 years to get there. And that’s if there aren’t any red lights along the way. “So the sun is far, but the thing that blows my mind is this: it’  so bright to us here on earth that if we look straight at it, it temporarily blinds us. And it’s hot. You can burn ants with it (and a magnifying glass). That’s crazy. I mean, I understand the physics of it (the basics, anyway), but isn’t it bonkers that the whole thing actually works? Not to mention its huge role in life on earth and all of that.”

In his post, Many Miracles, Ben pauses to marvel at how we are surrounded by evidence of a Loving God.  Ben is a bookworm, writer, designer, illustrator, typographer, and coder. He is senior web designer at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library. He love books and dead languages and Vim. He’s married and has a baby girl.


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I am a widower, single parent of 4 kids, I currently live here and Utah. I am originally from Washington State. I come from a family of seven kids. I love life,my family and my kids. I love adventure. I enjoy my kids and their activities. I love to travel and spend together as a family.I like to post information, ideas, or links that might help other people. Maybe tell a friend about my blog. And if you have information, ideas or a link to share please send a link my way. Thank you.

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