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Why blogging is worthwhile

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The following post is also featured today on the Fresh Take blog:                                    Today we’re happy to highlight a fellow blogger, Veronica Johnson. We asked her why she blogs and what it means to her. This is her response: As a wife and a mother, I find that it’s easy to get lost in the details. But all that really matters are the basics. To me, the most basic (and therefore the most important) thing is family.A lot of mothers who blog try to avoid or even get offended by the term “mommy blogger.” I have no problem with it. I am a mother first, and I am also a blogger. Call me whatever you’d like. It doesn’t change who I am.My husband teases me about the imaginary blogging friends that live in my computer. He plays fantasy football so I tease him about his imaginary football team, and I figure we’re even. Sometimes when I tell people that I blog, their eyes glaze over because they just don’t get it. Other times, I will get a patronizing smile because they think I’m wasting my time. But when I meet a fellow “believer,” there’s an instant connection. They understand! If you ask any mom blogger why she does what she does, you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Blogging is good for so many reasons. Here are a few:


Author: nicksposts

I am a widower, single parent of 4 kids, I currently live here and Utah. I am originally from Washington State. I come from a family of seven kids. I love life,my family and my kids. I love adventure. I enjoy my kids and their activities. I love to travel and spend together as a family.I like to post information, ideas, or links that might help other people. Maybe tell a friend about my blog. And if you have information, ideas or a link to share please send a link my way. Thank you.

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